Lenses, Maps EP

by Lenses, Maps

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first ep of midwest emo demos from me

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released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Lenses, Maps Melbourne, Australia

current solo project of transfem artist tamara westwood

midwest emo from not midwest america but in fact melbourne australia and how does that even work

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Track Name: Imagine Not Knowing You
explain what I need to do
explain where I need to find you
all I want is to see you through this
I'll never see all my life never without you
Track Name: Reconsidered
ask you over
what's the reason
there's no point in keeping quiet
new year's I caught wind of insight
one more time to make it matter
new year's I was holding out for one more time to be certain it mattered
it could be all in my head
correct me if I'm wrong
I was right what did I expect
I could've said no to your face
held my hand all the while
one more girl across from you
seemed to be deserving of you
one more night is all I need
promise me you feel the same
will I ever be enough for you
Track Name: A Looping Seminar in Storey Hall
opening a store like me can't be hard
when you have the key and all the lights are on
so you can see
make new plans to see me when you're done
it's just a matter of thinking it over
make me realise
I'm not equipped
to be the girl
you want so slowly
Track Name: We Can Try
hold on we can try it
hold on you can make it
I know we can believe we're free from this
but then I wake up I knew it couldn't last
your friendship hangs below my frozen hands
hold on to pictures and then they slip away
I find I'm trying hard to be with you
so see it all through don't call it quits
I can't believe you think I'm free from this
how can you think that I'm not around
Track Name: Swim Climb Levitate
I said it all at least you're home
I said it all again
I'm sorry if I freaked you out
it's just you never called me back
and I admit I wasn't right
it got away from me
I thought you would come back that night
I guess you had some other thing
and I'm late even when I try
and you take me away from this